Are you broken-hearted?

Who has gone of being broken-hearted? How does it end you up broken? When did you feel broken hearted? We know how it feels like ‘coz most of us have been there too. I’ll share to you some reason of being broken-hearted based on my experience.

Rejection. Being rejected by someone or afraid of being rejected lowers one self-confidence in terms of Love. After giving some effort to someone you love, when you got rejected, it feels like you lose on a bet with a high stake. Giving your all then later on it means nothing or its useless will surely break your heart.

Hoping for Something to Happen. Hoping on something that is clear as a fog is totally worthless. In terms of Love, when you hope that the person you love will love you back and yet you feel like there is no chance, will it break your heart? yes it will. Although it won’t hurt that much but still you’ll feel broken in some way.

Break Up or Losing Someone you Love. Damn! This is the most painful experience that everyone had gone so far. In terms of Love, breaking up to someone is surely devastating. The part that hurt much is that, in a moment you remember all the times that you two shared together, good times or bad times. Then in an instant everything falls apart. That will surely break you down. The one that you thought who will be with you in a lifetime, disappear in one moment. I’m sure everyone knows how it feels like.

So far these (3) three is what I had experienced in my life. I know there are other reason to feel broken. Not just in terms of Love. I know everyone knows how to deal with these. If not, just leave a comment and I’ll give you some advice with the best I have.

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