How to handle your partner and last long.

Every person in a relationship wants to have the perfect one. Some call it “relationship goals”. But how can you last long in your relationship?

For girls, based on my personal experience, most of girls have one thing in common; they are moody. Their mood depends on what you two are doing. Also when they have a Red Tide (if you know what I mean). One slight of mistake or misunderstanding, their mood change. Just a snap of a finger. To Handle that, one most powerful move to do is to say SORRY to them. (damn, how can I say that if I don’t know what I did) I know how you feel but you need to say Sorry. say Sorry to avoid starting an argument. Then persuade them. Hug them. Kiss them. Tickle them. Anything to make her mood back to normal. Remember, always understand a girl in every situation. They won’t fire up if they feel you understand them. Also, NEVER go with her mood to avoid fighting or misunderstanding.

For Boys, most of the boys have a strong sense of pride. They don’t let themselves lose in an argument if they know they’re right. Most of the arguement starts with that. So to avoid that being happen, girls should be the one to step down in an arguement. Step down if you feel that your conversation is pointless. Then give us some time to relax and ease our anger. Some boys usually start the talk after a quarrel. From those who don’t try to talking to them and say sorry. Although boys have one thing in common, aside from being handsome (Hi-five boys!) we also want to feel that we are being understood and accepted. Understand as if you girls are in the boy’s position. Maybe some of us is crazy but that’s who we are. We accept your flaws so accept ours too.

Well to sum it up, all I can say is that one of the key for a longer lasting relationship is a deep understanding.

If you guys have something to share, feel free to comment your ways 🙂

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